outsourcing can reduce your it costs by up to 50%

You don’t have in-house doctors, dentists or janitorial staff, so why do you need in-house IT?


IT Outsourcing saves you more than just money

There are more benefits to IT Outsourcing than simply saving money on monthly costs. Check out the table below to learn more.

IT Outsourcing vs. In-House IT Staff

Service Areas / Challenges

24/7/365 IT Support

Access to Variety of Subject Matter Experts

A Full Dedicated Team Instead of One IT Person

Consistent and Pleasant IT Experience Each Time

Coverage during Weekends and Holidays

One Flat Monthly Fee

Paid Sick Leaves

Paid Holidays

Paid Time Off

HR Regulations

401K Benefits

Medical / Dental Benefits

IT Staff Equipment / Laptops / Phones

Staff Hiring / Retention Challenges

Computer Experts


Our 1-Hour Response Promise

At Computer Experts, we pride ourselves on our quick response and resolution times. We promise to provide a first response to any support issue within one hour. Our resolution and response times place us in the top 5% of IT support companies nationwide.

Computer Experts is your local full-service IT partner. Get in touch and find out how we can support your business and get rid of your IT headaches. We operate with a 1-Hour Response Promise and 100% problem resolution guarantee.


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