it seems everyone is talking about the cloud

A consultation meeting with one of our Cloud Experts can answer all of your questions.


You've got questions about the cloud

We’ve got answers. Contact us to receive your complimentary cloud consultation by Computer Experts.

Cloud Consultation Overview

Let us answer your questions
  • Learn about the cloud in 30 minutes or less
  • Determine if the cloud is ideal for your organization
  • Pros and cons of cloud computing
  • Learn and understand cloud security risks
  • Assess applications for cloud migration
  • Cloud vs. on-premise cost analysis
  • Learn about various cloud vendors

Our 1-Hour Response Promise

At Computer Experts, we pride ourselves on our quick response and resolution times. We promise to provide a first response to any support issue within one hour. Our resolution and response times place us in the top 5% of IT support companies nationwide.

Computer Experts is your local full-service IT partner. Get in touch and find out how we can support your business and get rid of your IT headaches. We operate with a 1-Hour Response Promise and 100% problem resolution guarantee.


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