Essential Technologies for Small Businesses

Nowadays, businesses rely on technology to improve productivity, increase the efficiency of their employees, manage expenses and meet their business goals. In an increasingly competitive business environment, more and more companies are turning towards technology as an answer to their business woes.

What this means for businesses is to adapt to the technological changes, or else get left behind. The following are some essential technologies that startups and SMB’s can take advantage of.

Destination: Cloud

More and more businesses are favoring cloud based services, including data storage, rather than only using local backup. This practice has been encouraged by the introduction of many IT solutions such as Microsoft Office 365. Turning to cloud based solutions for your IT needs offers greater security, better efficiency and unmatched scalability. This is simply not possible when using local hard drives for backup, where limited space could also mean limited means to record, archive and store crucial data that’s necessary for carrying out business transactions and other daily tasks in an office space.

Collaboration is Key

We live in an age of interconnectedness, where a business owner can stay in contact with their staff on the field. Thanks to collaboration tools, your remote workforce is always within reach, keeping you and all those involved, including the investors, up to date with better business communications, whether it’s live chat, email or social media.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools were once reserved for large enterprises but thanks to the revolution in software-as-a-service technologies, small companies are now able to access data and statistics that was not possible before to better understand their business, their market niche and their business strategy. Implementing Business Intelligence into an organization can not only improve decision making capabilities, but will also prove to be a more cost effective option in the long run.

Enhanced Cyber Security

As the dependence on technology grows, challenges such as data security also arise for businesses. If left unaddressed, companies face the threat of data theft, or worse. When it comes to cyberattacks, it’s not the size of a business, but the type of data that matters. Keeping in view the very real threat of data theft, it is now essential for businesses to ensure the safety of their servers and their data by hiring managed IT services that offer the best technologies of small businesses, and data security at affordable prices.

Bottom Line

Keeping up with the fast pace of technological changes in the workplace can be difficult for some business owners, but failing to arm yourself with the latest technology will mean that you’re leaving money on the table. The essential technologies for small businesses in 2017, and beyond cross a broad range of purposes, from marketing automation to business functions and mobile and social media. The right mix of all these elements will determine a business’s success.


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